Monday, May 19, 2008

Yeah for new couches. These babies are so comfortable, maybe next time Gabe and I fight I'll just go out and sleep on the couch instead of sending Gabe. (I've never actually made Gabe sleep on the couch I'm a sweet wife). They are that microfiber material, so soft. I worried at first that they are kind of light and I live with a giant kid, but they gave us lifetime supply of cleaner and a 5 year warrenty. So I think we will be okay. I love the brown and the stripped pillows, they add a little character. My very favorite is the round chair. It fits me perfectly and it spins. AWESOME!!! Its so comfy. I love love love it. We also got the curtians, I wanted to add color and these are blue with brown design so it matches perfectly. And we added a blue tinted painting of London to bring the blue into the room. We are put pictures of us in Europe up below the London painting. Thankyou HGTV and TLC for teaching me decorating tips. My house is starting to come together. It feels more home like and not so much college apartment. I like feeling grown up its fun.

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Cyd said...

ooooo I want new furniture! I'm jealous:) I can't wait to have my own house and decorate like crazy... except I have no decorating skills so I was thinking it would be nice to just buy one of those model homes already decorated and voila! Job well done. At least it sounds like a good plan... ;)