Friday, May 30, 2008


I never thought this day would come. I have found ice cream that I dont like. We are in Europe right now and having an amazing time. We were first in London and Ill share more pictures and stories later, but In London I was walking with Gabe and saw a sign for ice cream. Now anyone who knows me knows I can eat ice cream all day long. I purchased a cone and it did not taste good at all. I kept eating hoping that the next bite would satisfy me but nope still had a funny taste. The next day I thought I would try a mc donalds milkshake and again it still had a funny taste. London ice cream not that great. Now we are in Rome. All I kept hearing about is how amazing Geletto or Italian ice cream was. So I begged Gabe to stop. He ordered and then I did. We just asked for a cone of cherry and one of strawberry and what we got was like four scoops with five waffers off it , two little cones, a cookie and a little tassle thing at the top. Gabe was like whoa its a circus on my cone. It gets better, so we go up to pay and it was a ridiculous price and Gabe didnt have enough cash and they wouldnt take a card. So he had to go down the street to the atm, while I stood and held these creations. All was good until they started melting and running down my arms. This other group of americans even took a picture of this amazing sight. I went and sat down still holding the dripping cones which by now I am trying to lick but they continue to drip on me and the table. Finanlly one of the italian workers comes over and puts a little plate down and some napkins and trys to wipe my hand off for me. It was so funny. Gabe finnally made it back in time to eat the last scoop of his ice cream. What an experience. I told gabe never in our life will eat ice cream this expensive good thing it had a good story with it. I cant wait to eat good old american ice cream, you can bet where we are stopping on the way home from the airport next week.

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Lindsay Coudron said...

you are so funny!!!! Of course only you would be in Europe writing about ice cream:)And Rylee is totally in style with her hair:)