Saturday, May 3, 2008

WIN WIN? I'm Not Sure

Well we got cable. I'm not sure if Its a win win situation or a win lose. Now I love TV. I am excited to watch TLC and HGTV and don't forget about lifetime and the discovery channel. But I might have lost my husband to his second love, ESPN and all those other sports channels; which in my opinion there are way too many. Why must we watch every team of every sport. Now anybody who knows Gabe, knows he is not good at multitasking. This boy can't even eat and watch TV at the same time and never let him drive somewhere new while on the cell phone. In the news the other month there was a story about a women who never left the bathroom. The toilet seat was actually stuck to her rear end because she sat on it for months straight without ever getting up. Now I hope this cannot happen with a couch cushion because I am afraid that Gabe will never get up from the couch now that he has Direct TV. So here's how cable might be a win win, I now longer have to hear Gabe complain. I get to watch some good channels. Win lose, I might never get Gabe to get up and help around the house. Sports are always going to be on the TV. So in conclusion I guess things are going to stay exactly the same.


Lindsay Coudron said...

you better make sure he still helps out around the house:) did you get your passports yet?

Stephanie said...

I am so sorry Leslie. At least you have some channels to keep you preoccupied while you're the ESPN/sports widow. I understand though Gabe is far worse than Chris - I think it's a personality thing. Nonetheless, if it becomes really bad, you can always blackmail with sex. Ha. Anyhow, I hope you're doing well! Have fun in Europe.

Cyd said...

Just remember Leslie... you wear the pants... :) jk! Thank goodness for two TV's is all I can say. And if it gets really bad, maybe you can accidentaly forget to pay the cable bill one day!