Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rocking Chair

My sister in law gave me a rocking chair glider 4 years ago and I kept saying to myself that I would recover the cushions. Well they are moving our things on Friday so I wanted to get it done before they took the chair. My friend Karris helped me with the sewing.. because that is not a strong suit of mine. I think it turned out pretty good. Now I just need to touch up the scratches on the chair and I think it will look great in Kobe's room. I also bought way to much fabric so maybe I will have to make a few pillows.


Brad and Hailey said...

Great job!

Christopher and Robin said...

Looks great! I was thinking too myself that you! must have a really great sister-in-law to have given you something you held onto for 4 years before you could use. Then I realized, it might've been me! I can't remember what I did with my rocking chair but I know I gave you some furniture when y'all moved here so I'm guessing that was among the stuff. It looks way better this way! Can't wait to me Kobe.