Monday, July 25, 2011

Hopefully 4 more weeks to go!

I am a little over 35 weeks. We are hoping to induce a few days early so we can plan on Gabe being there. So I am hoping to have the little guy in 4 weeks from today really. I am getting to the pretty uncomfortable stage. I can't eat much there is just no room and sleeping and sitting are pretty uncomfortable.

My saving grace is my lunch time water exercise. I love jogging in the pool and teaching my prenatal water class. I would stay in the water all day if I could.

We are moving most of our stuff to Vancouver this weekend. Ill be here with the bare minimum. Only 2 more months and ou
r family will finally be together for good. Once Kobe gets here in a month, I know the last month will go by quickly. What doesn't kill you makes your stronger I guess. Gabe will be coming home each weekend from now on.. so that is good. Weekends get boring with out him here and not having work.


Brad and Hailey said...

You look great! How exciting! Only 4 more weeks to go!

Angie O said...

That's craziness! You must already be strong to even think of doing that! I'd love to talk to you before the big day.

SSToone said...

Lookin' good! Who is driving all your stuff all that way??? Well, once you finally move for good, we'll plan a trip to see you!

hwg2g2 said...

So happy for you guys! How exciting! Good luck!