Friday, July 8, 2011

I can't believe its already Friday!

This week went by pretty fast... I love 4 day work weeks. I am excited for a weekend with no plans. Last weekend wore me out, it was very crazy and stressful but fun at the same time. I went out to Portland to visit Gabe for the 3 day weekend. Friday I went to the airport... flying stand by is no fun. I got there around 2pm. I didn't' make the first two flights out of Lubbock. So after waiting for 3 and half hours I had a melt down ( I blame a little of bit of it on the pregnancy). I would make the next flight in another 2 hours but that meant I could only catch the last flight into Portland which got me in a 2am my time. Not fun when you are 8 months pregnant. So I am crying in the airport talking to Gabe on the phone and I am trying to decide if i should even go. I have Gabe call his friends and send my bag back up so I can just go home. But then I start crying again because I really want to spend the weekend with Gabe so i tell Gabe to call back and have them send my bag back down. The people at the airport probably thought i was crazy...

Oh well. I make it to Dallas finally at almost 9pm. Get sick in the airport from eating food in Lubbock and then getting on the plane. When I make it to my gate in Dallas I am number 16 on the standby list.. I was 3 earlier in the day. So now it looks like I won't even make it to Portland.. Pregnant me starts crying again and calling Gabe. He tried to move me up on the list but can't and the flight leaves. 9:35 and I'm all stressed out. Gabe tells me there is a flight leaving for Seattle in 20 min. So I race over to another terminal and make it by like 3 min. I was the last person they let on the plane. So four hours later I'm in Seattle (2 1/2 hour drive from Gabe's apartment) and it is 2am. Luckily Gabe got a hotel room so we wouldn't have to drive all the way home. At this point all I wanted was a shower and bed so I was glad. Once Friday was over the rest of the weekend was Great!

Saturday morning we walked around Seattle. It was perfect weather. We went to the space needle and Pikes Place Market. We ate fresh fruit and fresh bread for lunch Yum... It was nice to be outside and not have it be over 100 like at here at home. We headed back to Vancouver that afternoon. The rest of the weekend was fun and relaxing.. Just driving around Vancouver and Portland seeing where we would be living. The weather was great all weekend. I got to meet some of Gabe's employees and see his work. We walking around downtown Portland and watched some fireworks being shot off over the river.

Luckily Monday's flights home went smoothly and I made it back no problems. It was good weekend overall but exhausting!

I love being able to spend time with Gabe... but flying and being pregnant is the worst.. Airports and planes are not comfortable. Its good to be home. I will be nice when I can finally move out there and we can be together. I only took one picture of me in front of the space needle.


Angie said...

Oh Leslie. You are brave to have taken a trip like that at all! I'm sorry the way out was so miserable. It will be so nice when you can get settled in together again. Plus, you'll be closer to us! You can hop on a plane from Oregon and be in San Francisco or San Jose in an hour. Then we can hang out when Gabe is working, and I can hog your baby and force him to call me his favorite auntie :-)

SSToone said...

Yay! Wish we could have met up - sorry to be redundant! We'll be in Portland briefly on Saturday as Chris will be riding the Seattle to Portland bike ride. Sure hope you guys can be together soon!