Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend Get Away

Gabe and I flew down to South Padre Island early Friday morning. We got in around noon and it was freezing. You would thing because we were going to the southern tip of Texas almost into Mexico it would be warm, but no. A friend of ours has a sister who owns a condo down on the island and let us stay in it for free. Another reason for the trip was because the Texas Tech Basketball team and the BYU basketball team were playing in a tournament down there and Gabe also had another connection and scored us tickets to the whole tournament. The Condo we stayed in was awesome and right on the beach and right across the street from the games. I am definitely a beach girl and would love to live by the ocean one day.

Tech lost their first game by 20 points.. not good, But the Cougars won in double overtime which was very exciting on a buzzer shot. On Saturday Tech lost again by two we shot a 3 at the buzzer but lost. BYU beat St. Mary's in the championship game and it was really close again. Gabe and I were in the front row right behind the players and our family saw us on TV. My cute little niece told me I was in trouble for biting my nails.. it was an intense game. There were so many BYU fans there which made it really fun. I was sad for Tech but I will always be a Cougar fan so I was way excited they won.

There were so many jelly fish all over the beach. The first one we saw we weren't sure what it was, so Gabe popped it. Then we saw tons of them everywhere you walked. Pretty gross looking.

This was the end of the Island. We drove until the road ended I was scared driving because in parts half of the road was covered in sand we would have to drive on the wrong side. But plenty of cars were headed that way so Gabe swore we would be okay. The sand was awesome down there not so trashy and there were shells everywhere. I loved just walking down the beach with my best friend. I can picture us old and retired one day living by the beach and talking walks in the morning along the shore. That would be awesome!! We had such a great trip. I got to enjoy time with Gabe and on the beach and Gabe got to watch basketball so I think it was the perfect mini vacation! Next time we just need to go back when it is warmer so I can get a tan :)

Yeah Cougars!!!!! Way to win!


Lindsay Coudron said...

That sounds like such a fun vacation!!! I love the picture of you guys at the restaurant--you look so pretty!!!!

Casi Bludorn said...

Looks so fun! Wish we could have come!

Angie O said...

How fun! Luke has been wanting to go to South Padre since his mission (which was right in that area but they weren't aloud on the island).
Also, lucky you for being one of the few fans at that game! It was amazing and I was jumping off the couch shouting! So jealous :)