Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Time!

Last year we didn't get a tree or even put up any christmas decorations because I went out to Utah the whole time. But this year Gabe will be here the whole time and I am only going to leave over new years so we will get to spend Christmas at home. Gabe has to work a lot but oh well, I will enjoy my time off with a lot of sleeping in and christmas movies!! We got our tree last night and got it all decorate. We went with a lot smaller tree this time, last time we got a tree that filled up the whole corner. But now we have room to put this little elelctric fireplace next to the tree and I even hung our stockings above it!! My goal is to now get the house cleaned this weekend so then I can really just sit, relax and enjoy the tree.


SSToone said...

Love your tree - looks like you did a good job picking it out! It is beautiful!

Lindsay Coudron said...

I love the tree--I wish we were spending Christmas together again!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh its so pretty!! glad we will all be here for Christmas!