Friday, June 11, 2010

Flying Adventures

The past two weekends Gabe and I have flown to opposite sides of the Country. Over Memorial Day Weekend we flew out to Dallas to attend our good friend Algot's wedding in Dallas. It was really great to see him and his new wife sealed and share that special day with them. I love going to other weddings because I literally have no memory of what was said at my own wedding, so when I go to other weddings it helps me remember the special day I had over three years ago.
Since we were already in Dallas and I had Monday off, i took an extra day off and we flew out to Salt Lake City to visit my family. Lindsay moved this past week back to Virgina so it would be last time I could go out and see everyone minus lachelle (we missed you Lachelle). It was great weekend. We had a great time visiting with friends and family. On Monday we went up into the mountains and had a BBQ and played football and just enjoyed the beautiful weather and scenery. That is one thing I miss about the west, the mountains. I loved playing with all my cute nephews and my little niece. I wish we all lived closer to one another. We were able to make it back home with the only exception of missing the last flight into Lubbock, but we got to spend some more time with some friends in Dallas. We got back Wednesday morning and I went straight to work.
Then on Friday I left straight from work and we flew back out to Dallas and spend the evening with Gabe's family for my brother in-law's birthday. Then we woke up at 5am and headed off to DC for my nephews baby blessing. It was hot and humid in DC we did a little walking around but mostly we just relaxed and spent time with Wade and Kelly and the family that was there. The baby blessing was great, little Ammon was adorable and he made the day special by blowing out of his diaper on his lovely mamma at church. I think he just wanted to make the day memorable. Some great food and games finished our trip in DC. We will have to go back so we can do all the cool sights and museums. We did eat at Ben's Chili Bowl, Bill Cosby's favorite place to eat.
Well we were suppose to catch a 6am flight back to Dallas and then we would be fine making it back to Lubbock. Well lucky for us that flight got cancelled and so we weren't able to leave until 10am and by the time we made it to Dallas all the flights to Lubbock were oversold. Not good for stand by passengers. Gabe's amazing father decided he could do some work a few hours from Lubbock drove us home. The drive actually went by quick just 4 and half hours and we listened to my Father in-law tell stories the whole time. We are so grateful for David taking us home so Gabe could go to work at 4am the next morning.
I am so glad to be home this weekend with nothing to do. Well besides laundry and cleaning. All this traveling as taken a toll on my house, it is pretty pathetic. So tomorrow I am going to sleep in and then take my time to clean. I love traveling around but I am so happy to come home. Nothing beats sleeping in your own bed.

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Andrea said...

So jealous of all your traveling!