Friday, May 14, 2010

Sometimes you just need a day in bed

Things have been kind of stressful lately in my little world here in West Texas. Sometimes I hate feeling stressed or worried about my troubles because I know there are so many people with bigger trials in their lives but my own mountains were seeming very heavy to climb this week and I just needed a day a lone in my bed. So yesterday I called in sick to work, which wasn't completely untrue, plus sometimes I think mental/emotional sick days are just as important as physical ones. I woke up at my normal time because I guess my body is just use to that but then I just laid in my bed all morning dosing in and out of sleep. Then I watched TLC and home decorating shows all day. I think in all I watched like 6 episodes of Say Yes to The Dress. Its bad if you are starting to see repeats. I picked up my house a little but mostly just did nothing and ate a lot of ice cream. It was a good day. Sometimes it is just so nice to be alone in the comfort of your room closed off from the outside world. The down side was I was wide awake at 1am this morning so waking up for work this morning was a little struggle, but my "me" day has definitely helped me regroup and I think I am ready for the summer! I miss being a kid when the summer meant sleeping in and playing all day. I guess in a month or two I will just need to take another "me" day.


hwg2g2 said...

I good me day every so often is good for you. I'm glad it was a good one!

Rivera Family said...

I am sorry you were feeling so sad. I love you. It was so fun to see you.