Friday, July 9, 2010

Wonderful Friends and time off!

We had a great 4th of July weekend. No traveling for us just staying home and relaxing. Gabe and I spent Saturday cleaning and rearranging the house. I found a cute new kitchen table and chairs on craigslist that fits perfectly in our little eating area. I feel like I have a real kitchen eating area now. Maybe we will actually sit down at the table for meals now, but that would require me cooking so I'm not too sure that will happen. Of course its been raining here forever and so our town was basically flooded over the holiday weekend. I was hoping to spend my weekend out at the pool and we had a BBQ planned, oh well we still had a bunch of friends over on Sunday and enjoyed food and fun. My work gave me a huge brisket and we cooked that up. It was really good and we are glad our friends could come and help us eat it or else we would of been eating BBQ brisket for a year. And of course Gabe had to shoot off some fireworks with our friends and of course I kept nagging him that he was too close to the house or to be careful they were going to hurt themselves or catch something on fire. I had Monday off so it was great to be able to sleep in and have a day off or work. If only I could have a 3 day weekend every week.

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