Monday, September 22, 2008

A Creative Idea

I have been wanting to display our Europe pictures on this big wall above our couch and just hadn't found a great way to do it. Picture frames are expensive and I didn't want the wall to have a lot of thick wood frames on it. So I went to walmart and looked around and came up with a cheap idea that I think turned out pretty neat. I bought mirror tiles. They were like 9 dollars for 6 and I bought little jewels from the scrap booking department. I used double sided tape and just put 3 pictures on each tile leaving mirror space and placed the little jewels in the corners. This way I can always change out the pictures and it looks very modern on the wall. Again I would like to thank HGTV for my creative ispiration.

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Rivera Family said...

Cool stuff Les. I am sorry I haven't checked out your blog for a while. I love the celebrity stuff. I am laughing so hard at Gabe. But you really do resemble those girls. I sure love you and miss you. i was watching a DVD from Dancers Company and you and Jonathan are in it. Good memories!!!! I love you.