Friday, September 12, 2008

Rain Rain and More Rain

Well even though we live in Lubbock far away from the gulf coast we are still getting a lot of the hurricane rain. Yesterday it poured all day long, and Lubbock doesn't have any drainage system in the roads or anywhere so all the streets were flooded, and some closed and even some houses have received flood damage. Our house is fine but our car smell because water is somehow soaking the backseat floors. The Mayor declared a state of emergency last night and all the school where cancelled for today even Texas Tech. Hopefully I gave Gabe enough chores to do to keep him busy. The roads seemed to be okay this morning, but they say more rain is on the way. My in laws live in southeast Texas and they say that everything is shut down in preparation for the Hurricane. I pray for all those people out there, I would hate to leave my home and not know what I would be coming back to. It seems like Hurricanes are happining more often, after one hits another one is forming. I would love to live by the beach, but I don't know if I could deal with knowing that hurricane could come and wipe away my home. I guess any where you live you are in danger from some natural disaster whether it be a hurricane, tornado, earthquake. You never know these days. It is definately a good reminder that the scriptures are true and that theys are the last days and I need to prepare and heed the counsel of the Prophets and get my food storage and 72 hour kits ready. I'm totally lost when it comes to that. I'm not sure if I even know what goes in the 72 hour kit. I guess I should have paid more attention in Relief Society. If anyone has any good suggestions let me know.

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camilleandgregsorensen said...

I'm glad you guys are safe! MRE's from army stores are awesome! We used to buy one for each of us every paycheck- so like 4 a month. They aren't too bad and easy to use!
Hey I had some chili the other day and thought, "This sucks. The best chili ever is Leslie's." Of course I lost your recipe. Want to hook me up again? It really is the best!