Tuesday, June 21, 2011

9 more weeks

Well not much has been going on in the Eyerly home. I have about 9 weeks left until Kobe gets here. Gabe and I are really excited. I really haven't got a lot of baby stuff done or any decorating because we are moving right after he is born. Gabe has been working in Portland for the last 3 months. He usually gets to fly home on the weekends for a couple days. Things have been kind of boring with out him. I pretty much just go to work and then try to keep my self from being too bored in the evenings. It has been pretty hard but I have great friends around who keep me company.
My pregnancy is going good. I feel huge though and hate the fact that I am going to just keep getting bigger in the last few weeks. I have been teaching water aerobics so that is good and I try to take zumba a couple times a week. I can't wait until I can exercise like I use too.. I miss it and I miss teaching classes.
I am kind of against taking pictures of my belly, so I doubt I will put one up for people to see.. Just picture a basketball under my shirt, that's about what it looks like. I am going to visit Gabe in Portland over the fourth of July so I will post some picture from that trip. Besides that I am just trying to survive the heat of the West Texas summer and keep myself busy while Gabe and I are apart. Gabe is doing great at his new job and We can't wait until our family can all be together including Kobe!


Angie said...

I'm so excited to meet Kobe! I've got baby on the brain. I even sent Gabe a link to a sweet deal on baby stuff this afternoon. Wuhoo!

SSToone said...

Oh man I still would love to talk with you about everything! I am just kinda treading water figuring out life with 2 kids! ANYWAY, could you just take a belly shot? You can do it below the shoulders!

Wish that we could go see you over the holiday but we'll have lots of family. Tashina will be up in Seattle around that time too! I hope we can get back in touch and come down to see you once you move!

hwg2g2 said...

Glad to hear everthing is going well. Good luck!

Rivera Family said...

I can't imagine the heat there. Today I have been a little grouchy because it is 96.