Monday, April 18, 2011

We are Having a BOY!!!

We found out last week that we are having a baby boy!! We are both thrilled. I was nervous because the little guy was hiding the whole time and the lady had to keep shaking my belly to get him to move. Gabe had been saying it was a boy all along but I wasn't sure either way.. I would of loved a girl to dress her up in all the cute little girl things, but I am equally excited that it is a boy. It makes it even more exciting to see Gabe so thrilled. I have been saying that I am going to be the one and not him limiting the baby purchases. If Gabe could have his way everything our little guy wears would be Lakers gear or sports related. We have already picked out his name. Gabe got to chose the name for his first son and of course he chose Kobe. I think it is cute too. His name will be Kobe Oliver Benjamin Eyerly. So if you notice his intials spell his name just like Gabe's ititals spell his name and they will share the middle name Benjamin. 21 weeks down 19 weeks to go hopefully!


hwg2g2 said...

Congratulations! Love the name!

Hiram, Tashina, Nora, and Hiram Dean said...

congratulations!! So excited for him to be here so you can love him to pieces!

Becky Dzierzon said...

Leslie--ran across your blog and I am soooo excited for you! First off, congrats on being pregnant. I read about how that came to be and I just am really happy for you and that everything is working out! Second, it's a boy! YAY! I love baby boys. Oh wait, I love baby girls too. :) You'll be a great mommy. Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well. You look fantastic! (Oh, um, in case you don't know my married name, this is your old pal Becky Reed)