Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Each year there is Group Exercise Fitness Conference called TexFit where all the Texas University Group Fitness Instructor meet up and have a day full of class and workshops. Last weekend My Boss and I and 16 of our instructors travel to San Marcos Texas. It was a blast. Even the 7 and half hours in the car with 13 girls was fun. Bathroom breaks were a little long, but the whole trip went excellent. I had 4 instructors present classes and they all did an awesome job. It is fun to see what other Universities are doing in their classes and get knew ideas. It was also just a great time for my instructors to all bond and get to know each other. I have probably 40 instructors but many of them don't know one another because they only come up and teach their specific classes so it was a great team building opportunity. Plus bonus we got to hit up some outlet malls on our way back. Nothing like shopping after a day of working out! I am truly blessed to have a job I love to do and work with such fun people! (I know I look the youngest out of all these people in the pictures. No one believed that I was in charge. What can you do)

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