Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Flower Hair Bow Fun!

A couple weeks ago for an activity with my young women at church we decided to make flower hair clips. I looked up online to get a general idea and then just brought the supplies and we all made a bunch. The girls had a blast and made some for themselves and the girls that couldn't make it. I probably spent like 20 dollars and we made like 26 or so flower clips. I had intentions to give away the ones I made but I am keeping them for myself; they are just too cute and such an easy way to help my hair look nice since i just pull it back everyday! I am going to try to make some more to give away but every time I make one I just want to keep it! I have a few siblings and friends with birthdays coming up though so watch out some flower clips might be coming your way!


Angie said...

Pretty Pretty. If you run out of space to keep them, you have a couple of nieces who never go a day without a flower of some kind in their hair. They would love to have one from Aunt Leslie.

hwg2g2 said...

Very cute.

Anonymous said...

oh very cute! will you teach me how?