Thursday, October 29, 2009

Richard Simmons comes to Tech (not really)

In the spirit of Halloween, one of my instructors thought it would be funny to dress up like Richard Simmons last night for his Cardio Boxing Class. He bought this costume and took a lot of time on it. Made a back drop and put up 4 posters. Now the posters did say Richard Simmons Comes to Tech. Wear you best 70's and 80's workout gear.

Well apparently a lot of people have had the life long dream of meeting Richard Simmons. The idea behind it was just suppose to fun and playful to encourage people to work out and have fun. No malice was in our plans. Well we had quite a few angry people. Like 60 or so. I guess people really believed he was coming. Now we should of put a disclaimer on the bottom of the sign. But we really didn't promote this. It was just 4 signs and he told his class it wasn't really Richard. Well word got out though and a lot of people really thought he was coming. When Blaine came out in his outfit the faced went from excitement to "what'" and about 60 people left. He still had a lot of people in his class and those who stayed had fun.

Today we got a couple angry emails. I understand they were disappointed but some of these emails were quite rude and they made it seem like we ruined their lives and that we were horrible people for playing this joke. It wasn't a joke it was just suppose to a fun workout event. I just thought with it being Halloween week people would have a better attitude. So just FYI don't tell people Richard Simmons is coming if you can't provide him, he has a bigger following than I thought and those fans don't mess around.

Tonight we have our Michael Jackson Thriller Party; Good think I didn't tell them he was coming :)


Stephanie S. Toone said...

Sounds like fun! People need to get a life as it relates to Richard Simmons. Geesh. Plus they didn't need to write nasty emails. Glad you had fun!

Angie Olson said...

Haha! Well, I would have been very upset to think that Richard Simmons was coming and he didn't! I have all his videos.

Meagan said...

Hehe, I'm surprised you didn't get some relieved notes from people who thought he was coming and were angry, but got happy when they found out it wasn't really him. :)