Friday, January 23, 2009

Gabe and I went back to Tyler Texas last weekend for Dane's (Gabe's little brother) homecoming from his mission. He served for 2 years in Carlsbad California. It was great to see him, and again spend time with the family. It was a great trip except for the drive home Gabe and I spent 2 and half hours driving around Dallas trying to find a Sam's club with the computer we liked. We finally find one that had it and drove out of our way over there. Guess what Sam's doesn't take Visa, and our other bank shut off our card; declined the purchase because they thought it was a fraudulent charge because it was outside of Lubbock. I'm all for my banking protection, but we just wanted to buy a computer. So we ended up going to Best Buy the next day. We tried to avoid them because our laptop we got there over a year ago had problems and they did not help us because it was out of warranty even though they were the ones who broke it when they fixed it before. But there is nowhere else in Lubbock that really has a good selection of computers. So we broke down and went to Best Buy. We got a sweet new computer. The HP touchscreen and we made sure we got a 4 year warranty this time. I can finally do all the important things I need to home; like blog, watch TV shows, and stalk my friends on facebook. And maybe Gabe will use it for some good like school work, instead of just reading ESPN. I would like to say Thank You to all the tax payers myself included for the governement grant money we bought our new computer with.

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Rivera Family said...

That shirt is really cute on you. You look beautiful!!