Monday, November 24, 2008

What a bad Football weekend!

Well Saturday morning I woke up all excited for the day Saturday night I went to bed not so excited. Two games played both ending in dissapointment. The Cougars held on to a ray of hope for the first half but then it just slipped further and further away. And my Texas Tech Red Raiders never really had a chance. I like football and its fun to be wrapped up in excitment in a game or a season, when we lose, I'm sad, but life goes on. There are those who can't let it go though. I understand it is your team or whatever but why must we bad mouth coaches, players, or whoever. No one is perfect and someone has to lose. I wish it wasn't my teams but life goes on and there is always next year Right? I'll still be a Cougar and Raider fan no matter what!

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