Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Carpet Disaster

Last night after a long day at work--then teaching 2 hours of aerobics, followed by grocery shopping at 3 different stores for all our Thanksgiving needs I came home expecting to to relax for a few hours before having to go to bed. Before I sat down I decided I would just vacuum the living room really quick so I could relax in a nice clean house. I went into our spare room got the vacuum and wheeled it into the living room and began to vacuum away. Aren't vacuums suppose to clean the mess instead of make more of a mess? I noticed all these bluish black spots on the carpet, a trail all the way from the spare room. Don't know exactly what it is but something got sucked up in the vacuum and was leaking all over the floor. I think maybe a pen, don't know. Of course I start freaking out and Gabe is trying to calm me down. Water is not working to get it out nor another cleaner we had. I found some carpet upholstery cleaner, and luckily that and a lot of scrubbing did the trick. So instead of relaxing I spent the next hour and half scrubbing my carpet by hand. What a night. I think I got most of it out, but now I know I am going to drive Gabe crazy constantly asking him if he can still see the spots. I probably will always be glancing down wandering if I missed one. Lets just say Gabe and I both ate ice cream for dinner, no way I was going to expend the energy and cook. I guess I'll be putting a new vacuum on my Christmas list, unless Gabe can fix it ( Christmas it is!).

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