Friday, October 10, 2008

Practice What you Preach

Everyone who knows me knows I love to exercise, and I work in the fitness and wellness industry, but I am progressively declining in my eating habits. I don't eat enough of the good foods, and way too much junk. I try to justify it with the phrase "I'll burn it off when I work out later", but I know I need to be eating healthier not for weight purposes but for overall health and prevention reasons. Its so hard to eat good with lack of time and funds, to buy and prepare healthy foods. This Sunday I am giving a lesson in church about Healthy Eating Habits, so what better time to make a change in my own habits. A great website that I love, is . Now this is my tax dollars going to good use. It is all free too. There is a My pyramid plan, you type in your info and it tells you how much you need of everything. There is the menu plan where you type in your info then search for the foods you will eat and it subtracts it from what you need. And also a tracker where you can find what you already ate to see how well you are doing. It is really great you can even print off sheets to right it down and track it that way. There is also a great section for kids.

I know it all sounds great in theory but actually doing it is the hard part. But think about how much you (I'm really telling myself this) surf the net each day; just spend 30 min and plan out the next day or week. I need to change my habits now especially before the holiday season when temptations grow stronger. So if anyone would like to join me, we can all share recipes and healthy tips (because I need help)! Here's to a Change for a Healthier Life!

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Rivera Family said...

I am so excited to see you soooo soon. We are going to have a blast.