Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bowling Night

I wish I was as good at real bowling as I am on the Wii. I am so good on the Nintendo one time I bowled 7 strikes in a row. In real life I'm lucky to break a hundred. Last night we went with a bunch of friends. It was really fun. I was cursed with always leaving 1 or 2 pins up each frame. The guys of course can throw the ball so fast that it doesn't matter which pin it hits they all seem to fall down. We have a lot of great friends here in Texas. What is really fun is all four guys in this picture were EFY counselors together and all but one of the couples met at EFY. Its nice to already have some friends when you move to a new place. We are very competitive so of course we had to make bowling a competition and see which couple could do the best. Gabe and I didn't come in last which is good, but I defiantly didn't contribute half of our score. Oh well it was lots of fun. And you can't beat that Monday night is dollar night at the bowling alley.

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