Monday, September 20, 2010

Surprise visit from my Mom!

Last Saturday night Gabe said he had to go up to work so I was just watching TV in my room, when he got home at 10:30pm He came in and told me to come out to the living room to see something so I went out and my Mom was standing there. I was so surprised I was not expecting that all. I started to cry because no one had ever come to visit me before and I think I was just so surprised too.
My mom stayed until Thursday afternoon. We had so much fun. I showed her around the rec center where I work and then we walked all around Texas Tech Campus. She came to my Zumba class and did a great job. We went to a couple museums and then just went and looked around at a lot of fun shops and stores. It was so fun to have here and show here all around Lubbock, there's not much to see but It it was fun to show here my life here in Texas.
Thank you Mom for coming to visit me!
Gabe thinks he can use this good gesture to earn points. Granted it was really sweet, but this morning a whole week later, he said Hey I have surprise for you, I brought your mom here last week. Sorry Honey you can't milk that one forever. Plus he brought here so I wouldn't be alone last week when he went to D.C to go golfing.

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