Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fair Time

The Lubbock Fair is town. Good Times all around. I mean who doesn't like rides that look 50 years old, food you thought couldn't be fried but is, crazy carnival people trying to entice you to blow 50 bucks on a 3 dollar toy and people of all kinds enjoying the fun. Gabe and I have been to the Fair all 3 summers we have been here. Every Year they have a free country concert. You just have to listen to the radio to find out where they are giving away the tickets. In past years it is has been way easy to get tickets and we always got a bunch for our friends as well.

This year was crazy. They only gave out 2 per person and the first day we went 15 min early the line was hundreds of people long and we didn't stand a chance. I listened every morning and on Wednesday they were giving them away at noon, so I picked up Gabe at 10 from work, brought him camping chair and some pretzels and told him after he dropped me off at work he was going to go straight there. My wonderful husband waiting in line for an hour and half and got me tickets. We got the fair 2 and half hours early for the concert last night hoping to get good seats. Again the line was ridiculously long, we weren't going to be up front anyway so why stand in that line. We walked around and enjoyed all the marvels of a country fair. And I mean country, I live in Lubbock Texas now, its definitely not the fairs back in Ohio and Indiana. About 45 min before the concert they were letting people and the rebels Gabe and I are we kind of just merged into the line and bypassed quite a few people. I know we cut, oh well. We actually got really great seats, first row on the second level. It was tons of fun.

I love country music and hearing songs live that I know. The only thing that drove me crazy, was watching people and the stupid things they do. 1. Why do women feel the need to show off so much skin at concerts. And 99% of the time it was tacky or unflattering anyway. and 2nd I saw a number of small babies there, one that looked weeks old. This concert was so loud. Why would you bring a small baby to it. AHH. Really people. In the words of Billy Currington. God is Great, Beer is Good and People are Crazy. So True, except the beer part for me I'll just change that to chocolate!

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Brad and Hailey said...

Man do I miss the local county fair. I love how you describe the people and the rides and games :)