Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It so Hot outside!

Gabe told me I needed to post something new. I just haven't had anything exciting happen in the past little while. So an update. It is hot here. Today on our way home from work it was 106 outside not sure how hot that made it in our all black jeta, with all black interior. I pretty much felt like I ten feet away from the sun. Thank goodness for good air conditioning in our house. I even have to turn in off because I get too cold.
The heat and all the random storms have killed the flowers I tried to plant. I tried to be good by putting them in the sun, watering them frequently, I even planted them in miracle grow. They sprouted at first but now nothing no life. Next time I am just going to buy the already sprouted flowers or maybe go with my original plan and plant fake flowers outside. I'm sure people won't be able to tell from far away.


Stephanie S. Toone said...

Holy moly! I didn't know it got so hot here! Crazy. Sounds like you're doing well...esp. since the Lakers won.

Holli said...

Leslie, I know what you mean!! We're enduring a Texas summer heat wave ourselves. Be glad your A/C keeps your house cold! :)

angi said...

People still plant real flowers?! You're so funny.

Gotta love the a/c. You should have Gabe get the car ready before you leave work, that way he can get all sweaty and stuck to the seats of the car, and you can be cool as soon as you take off. I think that's a good plan.