Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is a Lie a Lie if...

So is it a lie if you told a lie but later found out the lie you told was actually the truth. I'll explain. Today I had to drive across campus to get a key copied on my way back to the rec I got pulled over by a campus cop. Now the cop was going the opposite way of we and literally turned down a street and turned around and was way behind me and finally pulled me over when I was in the parking lot of my building. He pulled me over because as he was driving by me he noticed my car inspection was expired. He came to my window and of course I didn't have my license on me. A few weeks ago I had lost it and couldn't find it anywhere. I told him I left it in my office . He takes down all my information. Then another cop stops and again comes up and asks me all these questions. They make me test my brake light and of course one was out. Finally he gives me a ticket for expired inspection and no DL on sight and just a warning about the brake light. First why did he pull me over anyway, second I had when they don't just give warnings for that sort of things. I think it is ridiculous.

Well I made plans to go to DMV after work so i could get a new license to show the judge but decide to go through my bag one more time. And I found my license it really was in my office. So originally I told the cop my license was in my office thinking it was lost. But then it really was there so technically I didn't lie to the cop Right?
I hate tickets though especially the ones for dumb reasons, I always think man if I just would stayed at the key place 5 min I would of never passed him and never had to deal with all the hassle. But then again I might not of found my license.

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