Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Weekend Gabe

Gabe's Birthday was yesterday. Friday night he claims his birthday weekend started. He went and played xbox with friends until 4:30am. I didn't call or complain once (that was my present #1). Saturday he did help pick up and clean but he watched the NFL Draft all day and the Lakers Game (again didn't say anything Present #2). He bought a Grill (present number 3). Today we had about 25 people over for a BBQ and party. (Present #4). I made a him a giant cake (present #5).

Now his birthday weekend is over so he gets to clean up the whole mess from the Party!

Here is Gabe and his cake. I am making a cake for a friend's wedding so I needed to practice. That is why it is so big and girly. I added a little manliness though. Happy Birthday Gabe! Love Ya.


Angie Olson said...

Wow, Les! That's awesome! Where'd ya learn to make cakes like that?

angi said...

Love the cake. I'm glad Gabe has you there to make his birthday so fun. I wish we lived closer. I'd love to hang out with him, he seems so much more fun now than he did when he was 15 :-)

momwoodward said...

Your cake looks great. Thats a good thing to pratic before you do it for the big day. I can't belive the little boy from down the street is 26. Happy B-D.

Holli said...

Leslie - so glad to find your blog!! (Through Cyd!) Wow. you look the exact same! :) I can't believe you're in Texas, too!

We need to catch up!