Wednesday, March 11, 2009

5 minutes of fame

So at the end of January Texas Tech's rec center hosted a all night game night. The evening consisted of a Nintendo game room, a Lazar tag room, a ping pong tournament, racquetball tourney, as well as a 3 point shoot out and a slam dunk contest. In November my boss ask me to be responsible for the dunk contest, every last bit. So I took great pride and hand selected the dunkers got everything preped and was ready to go then my boss got a interesting call it was from Foot Locker. They were running a 3 point shootout and dunk contest across the country at 20-30 universities and they wanted to have one at Tech so after a lot of talking we were able to work them into our already existing all nighter. The night went well and we were all excited I met with the guys from Foot Locker and Bic(the razor company) and left thinking I made some good contacts. There were lots of pictures and videos taken and at best I figured I would make some random persons facebook however just this last week my boss received this clip which is now being played at Foot Lockers across the nation. I'll let you watch it to get your own little chuckle but I say tally one more point up Gabe.