Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Gambler in Me

Last night we had an appreciation dinner for the Rec Center at Mr Gattis, it's like Chuckie Cheese, but for grown ups too. Well they gave us all like five tokens, I used all of mine on that light game; where the light goes around and you have to stop it right in front of you in the bonus thing. I was always so close, just one off. Plus I have won this game before, so knowing that it could be done, I just couldn't stop. Five tokens is like nothing, luckily I have a husband who enjoys games more than me and he bought a whole pocket full of tokens. Boy did that light game make me mad, I was so close eventually I just had to walk away. I found a new game I might like even better. A ball spins around a wheel and you have to guess what color it is going to end on. If you guess right you get a large amount of tickets, the smaller the color section the more tickets. I did pretty well. In all I think I ended up with a little over a thousand tickets. It was fun, and I got some sweet, cheap prizes that I could of bought at a dollar store. But it was worth it! I'm just glad we don't gamble because Gabe and I would probably be broke.


Angie Olson said...

I remember you playing the light game in highschool!

Rivera Family said...

cute tree!! you guys look cute in the picture in front of the tree

Lindsay Coudron said...

So I love the picture of you and Gabe with your awesome tree!!! I'm glad that you and Gabe are not gamblers as well:)