Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gabe doing what He does Best!

Gabe loves sports; he plays basketball regularly and now is on an indoor soccer team. I faithfully went to all his basketball games when he was on the Church team. I get basketball it makes since, I know when to cheer, know when to shout out helpful comments. I was known as their little cheerleader. Soccer is another story. I have only been to 2 games. Granted they usually are at like 11 at night, as much as I love Gabe, a girl needs her sleep. I have gone to last two though and Gabe is pretty good, but soccer is just not my thing. The ball changes possession so often I never know when to cheer, I know none of the terms. I pretty much just shout GO GABE!!! Oh well I guess it is the support that counts. He is a few pictures of soccer star. Just think if he would of ever just focused on one sport really hard we could be rich playing for some professional team somewhere.

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